Systems Understanding Aid, 9th Edition

Systems Understanding Aid, 9th Edition


By: Alvin A. Arens, D. Dewey Ward

Publication date: 2016
ISBN: 978-0-912503-57-8

A comprehensive manual accounting practice set to help students of auditing, systems, or financial accounting courses understand the role and importance of basic business documents, records and information flows in the accounting process.

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Title information

A comprehensive manual accounting practice set that includes flowcharts, documents and internal controls. Uses a hands–on approach to help students understand basic business documents and visualize information flow in the accounting process. It is used in systems, financial accounting, auditing and capstone courses. Objectives:
• Help students understand flowcharts, documents, records, internal controls, and their role in the accounting process.
• Help students see the big picture of accounting by doing all phases of an accounting project.
• Help students understand accounting transactions and their relationship to financial statements.

Two transaction set options:
• Option A: The number of transactions is minimized (one or two from each transaction cycle, for a total of 19 transactions in the whole case).
Estimated completion time: 15–18 hours.
• Option B: There are more and a wider variety of transactions (30 total) to further reinforce financial accounting concepts.
Estimated completion time 16–20 hours.


Language: English
Publisher: Armond Dalton Publishers, Inc.
Edition: 9th
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