A Managerial Accounting Project - Gatsby Manufacturing, Inc.

A Managerial Accounting Project - Gatsby Manufacturing, Inc.


By: Susan P. Convery

Publication date: 2017
ISBN: 978-0-912503-64-4

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This project is an integrative case that provides hands-on exposure to a job costing system for a mid-sized manufacturing company and includes six active-learning assignments. Students will:

  • prepare and trace source documents
  • record transactions in job cost records
  • reconcile inventory and overhead control accounts
  • prepare financial statements

Students can journalize and post transactions to an accounting information system and/or build on this information to address “what if” managerial questions about variable costing, alternative overhead drivers, budgeting for operations, variances, capital expenditures, and internal controls. Students will “learn by doing.” A convenient envelope holds two components of the project:

  • Booklet—with background material, assignments with questions and problems, core concept reviews, journal and ledger pages, and financial statement templates
  • Documents folder—with divider tabs for filing the source documents into the following categories: accounting, job cost sheets, to/from outsiders, and financial statements
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Language: English
Publisher: Armond Dalton Publishers, Inc.
Edition: 1st
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