Comprehensive Audit Case, 13th

Comprehensive Audit Case, 13th

13th Edition (NEW ONLY)

By: Ambrose Jones III

ISBN: 978-0-912503-67-7

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A simulated audit of the Valley Publishing Company, a small town newspaper. The case includes the typical audit procedures used for account balance testing, including a variety of analytical procedures, and the preparation of financial statements with footnotes from the audit work papers

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Title information

A simulated audit of a small town newspaper publishing company designed to illustrate the principles of audit field work and basic workpaper preparation. The focus is on documentation for the achievement of audit objectives and on communication of findings. The Case can be used to supplement textbook materials in an introductory auditing course. It also provides for a rigorous fast-paced experience in an advanced course where basic audit techniques are reinforced. The Case has been proven effective as the centerpiece of an advanced auditing course.
• Case modules help students to better understand how audit procedures are employed in an effective and efficient manner.
• Assignment modules can be done individually or in total to include preparation of the audit opinion and financial statements.

Language: English
Publisher: Armond Dalton Publishers, Inc.
Edition: 13th
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Ambrose Jones III