What are your refund and return policies?


• CONDITION OF BOOKS - Returned books must be in resalable condition as determined by Armond Dalton Publishers. Books with a scratch-off code that has been revealed will be considered used and cannot be returned.

• TIME LIMIT – Requests to return must be received within 30 days of purchase.

• RETURN FEES - Costs incurred by Armond Dalton Publishers, the original shipping cost, and shipping charges incurred from refused packages will not be credited on returned books and will be adjusted against credit given.       (*See below for a sample return with return fees)

• FREIGHT AND POSTAGE COSTS - Freight costs are to be paid by the buyer unless the return is due to Armond Dalton’s fulfillment company’s error. 


Armond Dalton Publishers
Attn: Online Returns
2867 Jolly Rd.
Okemos, MI 48864

    *Return Fees (Fees will vary) 

Sample order:

Book Price        $116.00
Shipping Costs    $12.00
Sales Tax             $7.68
Order Total      $135.68

Sample Return:

Original Order Total    $135.68
*Original Shipping Cost -$12.00
*3.3%CC/DC Fees           -$4.48