Computerized Accounting using QuickBooks Online, 1st edition (Hard Copy)

Computerized Accounting using QuickBooks Online, 1st edition (Hard Copy)


By: Carol J. Borsum, Misty Schartz, Alvin A. Arens, D. Dewey Ward

ISBN: 978-0-912503-82-0
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Title information

Computerized accounting practice set, including access to QuickBooks Online (QBO) through the Intuit Educator Portal. Included with eBook access: • Access to Intuit’s test drive company, Craig’s Landscaping. Students use this for Chapters 2 and 3, as well as all of their homework. The test drive company resets to its starting point whenever a student logs into the site, providing a clean slate for each chapter’s homework. No more backing up or restoring! • Data files for the two additional companies included in our textbook: Jackson Supply Company (Chapters 4-8) and Waren Sports Supply (Chapter 9 project). • Links to online Reference material for each major transaction type or activity in the eBook activities, including detailed step-by-step instructions and QBO screenshots. • Online auto-graded and professor-graded homework. • Access to digital Instructor’s Guide & Solutions, including considerable detail about how solutions were determined (available to instructors upon request only). Estimated completion time: The entire project takes from 20 to 25 hours, depending on the number of assignments selected

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